HSBC advises to avoid a Lehman Crisis in China

More easing is required in the industry not only to improve ease of business, said a senior HSBC executive, but to prevent risks similar to the Lehman crisis.

Peter Wong, deputy chairman, and Asia Pacific chief executive of HSBC, commented at a Shanghai financial summit on the need to improve corporate governance and investor protection in China in order to manage major systematic risks akin to the trigger of the last global financial crisis. We really don’t want to have another situation similar to the Lehman crisis in China, Wong said, according to a report.

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Whilst it has suggested greater stringency in certain facets, it also lauded regulatory easing, such as the recently relaxed foreign ownership rules, and urged for more similar moves. Wong proposed more easing in the insurance industry, such as ease of expansion into new cities and provinces, and in the banking industry, including the acquiring of deposits.

It’s very difficult for foreign banks to get deposits in China, Wong said, adding that the country should «figure out a way» to address the issue, he said. We’ve been trying for a number of years. Now we’re developing, we’re increasing our share, but the journey is not easy.

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