Rihanna holds makeup workshop in Korea

Fenty Beauty has partnered with Lotte Duty-Free to organize its ‘Fenty Beauty Artistry & Beauty Talk with Rihanna’ workshop at Lotte World Tower last week.

The beauty class was followed by an evening launch party hosted by Shinsegae Duty-Free at their store.

Rihanna and two other global makeup artists, Priscilla Ono, and Hector Espinal, shared their beauty techniques and favorite ways of using Fenty products.

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The Barbadian singer also disclosed the manufacturing process of Fenty Beauty products and how she was inspired to start her own beauty brand after years in the music industry.

The makeup class ended with the announcement of the new collection, which includes Diamond Bomb II All-Over Diamond Veil in ‘Holo At Me’ and Liquid Diamond Bomb called ‘Rollin Ice’.

Seoul is the second city to host the Fenty Beauty Artistry & Beauty Talk with Rihanna after Dubai.

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